Brooke Lehmann -June 2019 Newsletter

Brooke Lehmann -June 2019 Newsletter

June Newsletter

It’s a new moon in Gemini, and as a Gemini, I am feeling the effects strongly.  This new moon is all about manifesting and setting new intentions and dealing with inner landscapes, relying on the communication strength of the Gemini sign. 

It’s finally getting nicer in the Pacific Northwest!  The gray days of fall, winter and spring are finally behind us.  I could not be more delighted, especially as my Charlotte friends are already having pool days (jealous!)

This year kicked-off with several new modeling opportunities for me.  I started doing some commercial modeling at Zulily and have also continued to work with several local designers.  I even participated in a local modeling competition in March.

Part of why I love modeling so much is that it fosters a sense of community among creative collaborators.  It is wonderful to see how the clothing, make-up, hair, sets and designs integrate into a complete creation. I feel honored as the model to display the final vision. Here is a video from Vogue / Paris Fashion week featuring my love of poetry and fashion as storytelling:

I have a couple of upcoming runway shows.  I’m walking in the Seattle Recycled Arts show this weekend, and have the Africa Making Huge Strides show at the end of the month.  Some of you in may know that we moved to Seattle so my husband, Justin, could join a small start-up company called Greatheart Consulting focused on diversity and inclusion work.  D&I is close to both of our hearts.  We continue to have intimate dinner conversations around creating more inclusive environments in our spaces and the world at large.

I’m also continuing to write in my free time, which these days, includes working on a collection of poems themed around my chronic illness recovery and integration process. This is the thing that I’m working through the most internal resistance these days.  I still have residual fear from memories / trauma stored in my body from being sick.  Here is a short excerpt from a sample poem. I fell in love with the sonnet form after studying with Terrance Hayes in January.

...Somedays I’m afraid my legs can’t
lift my body, because for so long,
they could not. But then I pant
on a sweaty bike ride, strong...”

I find though, every time I enter a collaborative, creative space, I feel strong, invigorated and vital.  It’s a reminder for me to push through the resistance and know that my mind wants to trick me into complacency to stay safe, but this is really the antithesis to my creativity and likely just leads to stagnant energy in my body. 

It is also June in Seattle and Seattle celebrates PRIDE right.  It’s one gigantic celebration the entire month.  I can’t wait to eat one of the Gay cupcakes at Cupcake Royale a couple blocks.  If you come to visit, you will see the very vibrant queer and artist neighborhood that we live in. 


We have a few trips planned this summer, but we are chipping away at solidifying our new careers and spaces here in Seattle.

Also, I recommend picking up a copy of Ross Gay, “The Book of Delights.”  It’s a sweet, thoughtful reflective collection of short essays. Ross is one of my favorite contemporary poets and authors.