Update from Brooke: the sacred feminine path and where I'm headed next...

Update from Brooke: the sacred feminine path and where I'm headed next...

It's been almost a year since I experienced significant healing from a nearly 2 year battle with chronic illness.  I knew coming out of that, my life would never be the same.  I had no idea exactly where the journey would lead from that point on, but now it's clear where my heart has been steering.

When my faith began to unravel several years ago, I began to be drawn into strong feminist voices.  I was longing for a tradition that witnessed the stories and experiences of women. 

What I'm finding is that women (and men) alike are craving something deeper and richer.  Many of us have felt left behind or betrayed by religious institutions--tired of seeing divinity exclusively represented by men.  Men in sacred texts, men in leadership, men .

Every where I go, I meet people who are longing for beauty, meaning and human connection.  There seems to be a quickening of the desire for romance and connection to return to Earth.  

It seems that intellect and reason are only going to get us so far.  We have planned and strategized and now we are at the precipice where a new Spirit is rising that is calling us to become Lovers again.

As I move forward, I'm feeling called to tell my full story on my path to the Sacred Feminine which I'm currently doing in my book.   In addition, I am combining my love of fashion, beauty and modeling with my desire to write.  The days of a linear career path seem to be over.  I will be exploring ways to express my Aphrodite nature in Love.  

I would also like to continue to foster dialogue and community around some of these topics.Here are some things that I feel passionate about:

I think women are getting sick (anxious, depressed, fatigued) because they are lacking a connection to authentic femininity (not what churches, culture, etc. define as the model woman.  This model is obedience to what the patriarchy defines as acceptable for a woman)

I know there are men who are longing for a connection with something sacred and beautiful that only the spirit of Aphrodite can provide.  For me, the Goddess path is not just for women.  Holy synergy with men is something that I crave, and I believe others do too. 

My lack of community and intimacy with men after I got married contributed in part to my illness.  My husband is my favorite man of all times, but I had plenty of male companions in college that I lost once I got married and entered into evangelical rules for married couples.  It suffocated me.   Aphrodite women are energized by men ( I repressed this aspect of my spirit for far TOO long).  

Working all day in a hyper-masculine culture crushed my soul and body.  Corporate culture reflects only one type of leadership style for success and respect.  This was not conducive for me and likely for many other women (and men).

Many of the women that write / lecture on the sacred feminine come from Harvard Divinity school and are scholars.  The Feminine is asking to be elevated in every way right now.  I see many representations of the Goddess that feel cheap to me.   She is anything but cheap or foolish. 

Sensuality, Beauty, Desire are superpowers which are meant to be used for good.  Queen Esther is one of the only Divine Female representations in the Old Testament.  She is an allusion to Aphrodite as she uses her attributes to courageously bring about justice for the her people.  That's what beauty queens do.  They use their beauty for good and service.  (Not for corroded power, competition and exclusivity.)

I'm not looking to redeem the Christian Institution, but looking to provide a bridge for women who the Feminine may be calling towards.  Starting with the Hebrew tradition and OT the spirit of God or Holy Spirit is feminine.  It is the word ruah and it occurs 378 times.  The earliest manuscripts of the gospel of John refer to the Holy Spirit as SHE.


Some resources to start with:

  • The Dance of the Dissident Daughter
  • When God was a Woman
  • Goddesses in Every Woman
  • Conscious Femininity 
  • (My book when it's published in a few years.. ;)













Surrender and Heal.  I believe in You.

Surrender and Heal. I believe in You.