The Divine Feminine Needed in the Nuclear Age

The Divine Feminine Needed in the Nuclear Age

The Dalai Lama stated in recent history “The world will be saved by the Western woman.”  That time is upon us.   As talks of nuclear war escalate between North Korea and the United States, it is now more imperative than ever to usher in the Divine Feminine, and seek the way of peace. 

As a country and global society, we are vulnerable to the nefarious war mentality that has dominated the planet for centuries.  Either we continue the destruction of war and violence towards each other and our planet, or seek a better way of peace and restoration.  The future of humanity resides on this decision. 

For millennia violence and war have dominated our patriarchal societies.  Recent nuclear warfare capabilities only increase the potential for unimaginable human suffering under this type of model.  It is time for us to end this chapter in human history.

The Divine Feminine has been waiting for millenia to regain her power.  She has been dormant, like the kundalini energy within each of us, waiting to be activated.  The patriarchy that has once ruled the world is abruptly ending.  We are witnessing the dying principalities and collective mind forces last attempt to reassert their power. 

Mother Goddess must be called on to restore balance and peace to the world.  She must help us painfully heal the shadows of humanity before we can usher in a new way of being.   She must become a fierce mother and protector of her children and creation. 

From a global leadership and political perspective, we have lost touch with the ancient roots of the feminine energy and essence and are being asked to return to them.  We need to remember her foundation of wisdom, love, beauty, collaboration and peacemaking. 

As we rise towards a more peaceful egalitarian and just society, it will be necessary for the feminine energy of the cosmos to gain momentum.  The scales must be balanced for us to enter this new level of global consciousness.  We will need to lean heavily towards female energy to reestablish equilibrium.

As women become more connected to their inner power and feminine essence in a world gone mad, change will happen swiftly.  The birthing process is always painful and laborious and then beautiful new-life immediately emerges.   Truth, beauty and wisdom win the day.

In the book of Proverbs, wisdom is referred to as a woman and in ancient Gnostic tradition, Sophia was worshipped as the Goddess of wisdom.   In the Greek tradition, Athena was known as the Goddess of wisdom and justice.   The spirit of the Goddess embodies the wisdom needed to heal this world.

Women know the path towards wisdom and justice.  It’s encoded into our ancestoral DNA, and now is the time to activate it.   It’s time to use our collective voices to speak truth to power.  To a power that is risking destruction of multitudes of lives and the planet.  

The universe is beseeching us to rise to the occasion, giving us ample requests to save Mother Earth and her children.  Our generation has an opportunity to turn the tides towards a new way of being.  One of global interconnectedness and harmony.  It will be the feminine strength within each of us that leads us there.


Surrender and Heal.  I believe in You.

Surrender and Heal. I believe in You.

I Loved the Nicole Kiss

I Loved the Nicole Kiss