How A BuzzFeed Quiz Changed My Life

How A BuzzFeed Quiz Changed My Life

At the start of the year, I took one of those superfluous Facebook quizzes that predicted what the year of 2017 meant for me.  At the time, I was still incredibly sick, so to my disappointment, the answer came back as “Friendship.”  As someone who believes in the synchronistic nature of the cosmos, I probably put way too much stock in that quiz.  But sometimes, you desperately need hope, and sometimes that hope comes in the form of BuzzFeed

I was hoping for healing, but what I didn’t realize is that friendships and healthy views of relationships was also part of the key to healing for me. 

The universe never disappoints.

When I went through my forgiveness journey that ultimately led to my healing, I discovered that sickness is ultimately a form of isolation.  For whatever reason, our subconscious minds have protective measures that keep us protected from situations that we deem dangerous. 

Unknowingly, due to unresolved emotional trauma and abuse, I had sequestered myself from the world, and therefore cut myself off from Life itself.  Essentially, the human body is one gigantic energy force.  So quite literally, we need each other to be healthy and well.

Since the only antidote to every single problem in the world is Love, I had to surrender my false beliefs about relationships and open my heart to love again.  Once I realized that I had chosen isolation as a protective and defensive measure that was not working, I offered up my intention and silently chose differently. 

Simultaneously, my physical strength returned and new friendships started showing up in my life in beautiful ways.  I was connecting with amazing, soulful people online, but I was also meeting and reconnecting with people out in the real world.

It’s easy to go through a difficult season or feel betrayed and decide to close our hearts for good.  However, this will only bring about more pain and suffering.  In eastern medicine, the heart chakra governs the immune system and the entire energy flow of the body.  Without our hearts open to give and receive love, we will quite literally die of a broken heart (or other diseases that take root).

I am committed to keeping my heart open and learning to be a better friend and seek healthier friendships.  I know this is the only way to maintain my health and thel grow in wisdom, love and grace.  It cannot be done alone, as much as I crave solitude and alone time.  I am also seeking to learn and understand where I made mistakes in past relationships or took things for granted. 

I had been thinking about a friend the last couple of days that I had lost touch with, mostly because of my old tendency to withdraw when I felt disappointed in the past.  I then immediately felt led this morning to read a passage from my Enneagram workbook about healthy development for my type and it suggested,

“Seek out truthful friends who will mirror you honestly and accurately. Find people who can see your genuine good qualities and talents and support you in their development—as well as speak compassionately, but directly, to you about your blind spots.“

This person was the type of friend that did this for me, and I am being encouraged to continue to seek out those types of friendships as I continue to fulfill my purpose.  I realize now how special friendships are as I have realized people are not meant to be feared. I have learned to set essential boundaries and no longer have fragile self-esteem.  

Tonight, I am graced with the privilege of listening to Brené Brown speak, one of the most prolific relationship experts of our time. I will sit with some of my new soul friends, and soak up the wisdom she will offer each of us.

Reflecting on the year now that we are 9 months in, I am quietly filled with gratitude over my year’s fortune.  I didn’t realize at the time, but friendship was part of the equation to my health.  How could I not see it before?  Now I wouldn’t trade that BuzzFeed fortune for anything.

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