Awake My Soul

Awake My Soul

Awake My Soul

There is a beautiful simple melody in the chorus of the song, Awakening by Hillsong that says, “Awake My Soul, Awake My Soul and Sing.”  This song has been on my mind the last week, and I’ve noticed myself humming along and even singing it out loud in public places.  It’s almost as if my soul has asserted that an Awakening is indeed taking place.

As most of you know, I have been severely ill the last several months without much of any medical explanation.  Other than a few vitamin and mineral deficiencies, I am the picture of perfect health…Although, that couldn’t feel farther from the truth, until I read about the physical symptoms of a spiritual awakening.  Then everything started to make some sense.

I would say most of this unraveling began in 2012, but the intense physical symptoms preventing me from working didn’t start until this year.  It’s almost as if my soul was rejecting my current life circumstances forcing a change of hand.  Up until that point my life was working just fine for the most part.

During this time, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on where I’m spending my time and energy and what my purpose and calling look life.  I feel like most of my illness can be attributed to pushing beyond my limits, always striving and achieving, but never following work that was soul nourishing or aligned to my higher purpose.  This was when I felt like I had a choice to surrender to my calling and officially start the hero’s journey as Joseph Campbell (the famous mythologist) teaches about.

I have always felt drawn to things that are creative and spiritual and felt like that was a starting point.  In the last year, I have done more writing and received a lot of encouraging feedback to keep pursuing that passion (It was also something my teachers always lauded in school). So, it was about three weeks ago, I was praying about surrendering to my call to pursue writing.  In a split second however, I heard an internal voice that said, “You are a prophet, not a writer.”  I sat there and wept not knowing to do with that declaration.  It felt heavy with a responsibility that I wasn’t ready for.  How does a quiet, reserved young woman teach concepts and share truths that many people don’t want to listen to?

By the grace of God. That’s how.  

My journey has been in the making for the past few years (really lifetime)—I am certain of that.  It seems almost as there has been an intense downloading of information and knowledge along with a seeking on my part.  I can relate to the time Paul spent in Arabia learning about the nature of God, or when Jesus knew that God had revealed things to Peter that no other human knew at the time.

There are times when I have felt lonely and crazy, and times where I’ve questioned things I’ve studied, learned or experienced.  However, I am confident, more than any time in my life, that a force of Love is guiding me.  I am reminded that prophets are appointed by God, not people.

I have come to believe that many people are looking for spiritual truths that will set them free, but don’t know how or where to find them.  I believe many churches and religious institutions have good intentions, but have taught the law versus following the spirit without even realizing it.  It has introduced so much dualistic thinking that many religious folks are the most combative among society.  The rest of the modern world is spiritually numb.  Both equally detrimental.

We know there is more out there for us besides the tired “Us vs. Them” rhetoric or follow all these life draining rules that are supposed to secure your favor with God or prevent you from ever experiencing pain and sorrow.  


I read something recently that said we all have an inherent knowledge of God that resides inside of us.  Most of us just have to go through the process of “unlearning” most of what has been taught or handed down to us. I hope that by sharing more of what I have learned and will continue to learn, will bring others joy, wholeness and healing.  Isn’t that the abundant life we are looking for?

Since I have set my intention, synchronicities have started happening and I’m starting to feel better.  I decided I would rather end up in Nineveh by my own volition than by the belly of a fish.  My sincerest apologies to those that experienced the storm with me during my period of resistance.

By the way, the prophetic message delivered that day was Mercy and has always been Mercy.  Let’s return to what has always been the message of God.

For those of you who have led me on my journey up until this point, I’m grateful. You were my spiritual guides I needed at that exact moment, but now there’s an invitation for more.   More freedom, more joy, more life.  Some of these things will be new, but familiar—others not so much.  I promise it will all be life giving if you are open to receiving it.

We are in desperate need for peace, love and healing in this world.  Our old systems of fear based religion aren’t working.  We need a new level of consciousness that returns to new and ancient wisdom, so I invite all of you to come with me.  

Maybe some of what I share will also lead you to find your higher purpose and calling.  I really hope so.  

It’s time for a global awakening.

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