Surrender and Heal. I believe in You.

Can you imagine if I had told Jeff that day?  “No, I don’t want to work hard.  I don’t want to do this even if it hurts.  I would rather stay injured and unable to walk for the rest of my life.”

I also suspect Jeff would have just said, “That’s unfortunate, but it’s your choice.”  And he would have kept moving along helping other patients that wanted to get well.

I would have gone home miserable, complaining, with no one to blame but myself, imagining that one day I would wake up in my stupor and make the decision to finally get well and do the work.

The Divine Feminine Needed in the Nuclear Age

Women know the path towards wisdom and justice.  It’s encoded into our ancestoral DNA, and now is the time to activate it.   It’s time to use our collective voices to speak truth to power.  To a power that is risking destruction of multitudes of lives and the planet.  

I Loved the Nicole Kiss

For two people who went through an arduous process of shining light on domestic abuse, I’m sure there was some significant trust and shared raw humanity in the process. Having watched the Big Little Lies series, I can only imagine the bond formed between the two of them. 
I’ve many times wondered why in our American culture, we are so afraid of touching. In the East and Latin cultures, kissing is a much more accepted and practiced way of engaging and greeting each other. I believe that as Americans, we are largely missing much of the romantic spirit of Aphrodite and Eros that graced earlier times. I’m not talking about sex here. I’m talking about the universal intimacy and romantic spirit that bonds us together as one human race.